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Excursion to Nafplio!

Wonderful sights in a historic city that will offer you unique experiences!

It is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Greece, wonderful all year round. Discover the country's first capital, get lost in its streets and visit dozens of its attractions. Wherever you look modern history has marked this city and allures you to explore it.


Nafplio is the ideal destination for a short day's getaway, as it is less than two hours' drive from Athens. The old town is picturesque and leaves no one untouched. All major sights are located in the center, so you can visit them on foot, making exploration even easier and interesting.

Old City

Nafplio’s old city is one of the most beautiful old cities in Greece! Narrow streets and traditional houses travel visitors to another era. The whole old city was laid out in the time of John Kapodistrias designed by the engineer Stamatis Voulgaris. Vasileos Constantinou Street is the first street made in Greece with classical standards, as Kapodistrias wanted the cities and roads to be adjusted to the European standards. In the old city of Nafplio there are many attractions, shops with traditional products and souvenirs, cafes, restaurants and taverns.


Besides, various archaeological sites there are also several interesting museums. The Archaeological Museum at Syntagma Square, the War Museum housed in the 1st Hellenic Army Academy, the Folklore Museum and the Ecclesiastical Museum at Evangelistria Church are worth a visit. You can also visit one of the most “special” private museums in Nafplio, such as the Automobile Museum, the Distillery Museum, the Komboloi Museum and the Museum of Childhood “Stathmos”.


The churches of a place are certainly an important part of its history. In Nafplio, there are wonderful churches in the streets of the old city and outside its center as well. Agios Georgios, Agios Spyridonas (where Ioannis Kapodistrias was assassinated at the entrance of this church) and the Church of Virgin Mary, churches that you will definitely encounter on your way while walking the narrow streets of the city. In addition, you can visit Agia Moni in Aria, Nafplio and Evangelistria.
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Palamidi Castle

Lyrics from a folk song: “All castles though lost and ruined, let God guard beautiful Palamidi Castle”. The fortress of Palamidi is located above the city of Nafplio, at a height of 216 meters. The construction of the castle lasted from 1687 to 1715 made by the Venetians. It was often used as a fortress and was considered an unconquerable castle, but was occupied by the Turks in 1715. Theodoros Kolokotronis was imprisoned in Palamidi under the charge of ultimate betrayal. You can visit it by car or climbing the 999 steps.
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Bourtzi Castle

Known as Bourtzi or Castello dello Soglio for the Venetians or Seaside Castle during the Revolution of 1821. Bourtzi is a small island- fortress located in the gulf of Nafplio. The architect Antonio Gambello took over the construction of the castle. Since 1715, Bourtzi belonged to the Turks, and in 1822 it was dominated by Greece. It has been an important part of the wider fortification of Nafplio for many centuries, while it has been a place of residence for the city's public executioners and also, operated as luxury hotel. Nowadays, you can visit the island by boat from the port of Nafplio.
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Syntagma Square

Almost in the center of Nafplio you will find Syntagma Square with beautiful neoclassical buildings and view of Palamidi. The square is surrounded by several historic buildings, such as the Archaeological Museum, the old State House, the palace of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the house of Theodoros Kolokotronis and the church of Agios Georgios. In Syntagma Square there is also, a good opportunity to relax as there are plenty of cafes and restaurants there. Syntagma Square is one of the most favorite places of entertainment for both visitors and locals.